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Growl Notifications

I have been Tweeting a ton lately, and I’d like to encourage everybody who might be curious to check out my Twitter feed. Friendfeed’s recently added Twitter syncing feature allows me to super easily share with my followers all the stuff that I find interesting, along with the rest of my activity.

Laying down trying to go to sleep in spite of the coffee I had around 8PM, I starting thinking about Growl notifications and how no matter what corner of the screen I place them in they never feel quite right. Don’t get me wrong I love Growl, and it makes my job so much easier when I have a ton of different windows open, but I just feel like the notifications should have their own real estate where they don’t cover up my search bar or items on my desktop that I might need to see. It would be fantastic for the Growl team (or anyone) to offer a notification device designated for Growl alerts. You could even make it bluetooth compatible with a touchscreen (or have it as and iPhone app receiving updates via WiFi).

Notifications and activity streams are becoming more and more essential, and numerous people have discussed how OS’s are traditionally document oriented, not stream oriented. Most people’s alerts are pushed to their email inbox, which is underequiped for notifications and is easily cluttered. RSS readers are better, but are also not designed effectively enough. An ideal solution would be something of a hybrid application (web app or browser add-on with a desktop client), that is application oriented like Growl. To me it makes the most sense for this alert system to also have its own monitor and taskbar/dock with updates that don’t get in its own way. Notifications are just one of those things that shouldn’t get buried behind windows, get in the way of taking action (they should empower action), or be too small or out of the way to notice. I’d just like to see something that puts it all together.