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The Problem with Mobile Ads

I wholeheartedly believe in the value of mobile ads, but right now they have one obvious flaw. Without a specific app (or mobile optimized website) the smartphone is not a platform for action.

You’re on your phone, you click on an ad and you end up on some worthless landing page where the font is too small, there is no one-click purchasing, and no icon to immediately chat or speak with a sales representative to answer my questions or take down my information. Congratulations…..I can see that Oracle is the number one business software company, but you really haven’t allowed me to do anything useful with that knowledge.

The only mobile ads I have seen properly implemented are ones for iPhone apps, where I can be redirected to the app store (which has all my payment information already) and I take immediate action with just a few taps of my finger. I think this should be the model for the rest of the mobile ad industry.

Here is how we solve this……….

For God’s sake design the landing pages for action
Make the landing page interactive and informative with just the essentials
Give me a big button allowing me to schedule a time for you to call me
Give me a big button to call, text, or chat with a sales rep….seriously people I am visiting your ad from my phone
Put more simply….design them with the functionality of a specific phone in mind

Mobile ad platforms need to be connected to e-payment platforms
I should be able to buy something simply by entering in my password; although, this wouldn’t be a problem if we had mainstream cell phone based payments

There should be options to share products via text or email
I have all my contacts at my finger tips let me tell them about your product

There needs to be a bookmark/favorite option
If its a book I might want to buy I should be able to save it to my wish list. I can save Twittered websites to Instapaper so why not save things I want to buy for later.

Anyway, that is just my two cents.

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