Unhappy Knee

I am making a ton of handicapped friends with my crutches and knee brace. This nice Italian woman in need of a complete knee reconstruction, who I tried to race the other day, offered me a home cooked Italian meal. When I get my handicapped parking pass then I really will be in business.

I flew home this past Thursday to get a second opinion on my injury and hopefully get  surgery so I can start rehabbing (airport security is so much easier when you are disabled by the way). Instead of heading into surgery like I had hoped, I had a very interesting discussion about my ACL and MCL with my doctor, Dr. Meade of Orthopedic Associates Allentown. He mentioned that, barring other complications like a locked out knee from a torn meniscus, some knees are fairly happy and can be operated on right away, whiles others you have to wait on a bit. My knee is a very unhappy knee (I have been abusing it all week by forcing it to bend and seeing patients). His primary concern was reducing the possibility of permanent post-operative stiffness, and he wanted my knee to feel almost normal and capable of straightening before we went ahead with any surgery. Until then, I am supposed to walk on it as often as I can without pain, and basically just ice and allow the swelling the non-torn ligaments to heal themselves.

It is always nice to get some sound advice, and hopefully this article is of some benefit to people dealing with something similar. If anybody has any questions, shoot me an email.

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