I tore my ACL & MCL this skiing this weekend up at Heavenly Resort in Tahoe. There was more ice than snow so it was probably bound to happen at some point. With my knee like this, it is far too tiring  to do anything other than see patients, so the posts might be few and far between for a while. People have been busy since I last was online. Google Reader has rolled out a new design, and so did WordPress. Very nice. I am going to get surgery pretty soon. Hopefully, I don’t end up like Tom Brady.

On a different note, some girl let me play with her Android phone the other day. Wow. They say the grass is always greener, but I think the Android user interface and software is far better than the iPhone’s. The actual phone is crap…the trackball is too small and the phone doesn’t feel all that comfotable in your hand, but all that is easily fixed by designing a proper phone. I think I will be switching in the future.


One response to “Handicapped

  1. Hello Dr. Frey,
    I read your note this morning — and hope you regain your strength, soon. In the meantime, you might be interested in discovering the new alpine ski binding that will mitigate skiing ACL injuries — KneeBinding (see, KneeBinding.com).
    Best regards,
    Rick Howell
    Stowe, Vermont

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