I set up a website for my Father

I have been pestering my Father about the importance of communicating with your “Tribe” on the web for almost a year now, and of course I have to be the one to set things in motion. I went and bought a domain and a WordPress theme that I liked, and put together a community blog for his office last night.

It’s an alright start, great considering I have next to no experience doing any of the things I had to do to get it this far, but it still needs a lot of work. At least I will be able to have an educated discussion when we pay someone to redesign it and combine it with the main website. The biggest problem I ran into is that he just doesn’t have any sort of branded resources or logos available that are designed specifically to be used in a blog or social network profile. I am not in the mood to make things from scratch; I had to use pieces of images from his business card just to make the header logo (which I still am not totally satisfied with). Note to anyone trying to maintain an online identity: pay someone to design logos and handle branding; it is important.

Anyway I am having fun tinkering with it a bit, and adding more features and cousin sites like Facebook pages. I appreciate suggestions that any of you readers might have to offer.


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