So Busy

I have been completely swamped fabricating dentures as of late (they make us do 90% of the work here in school), and my room has gone to complete shit. Fortunately I had the excellent idea of paying other people to clean it for me. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to leave a disgustingly messy room in the morning and return at night to a spotless one.

Anyone living in San Francisco interested a solid cleaning company should look up Wizard’s CleanTeam. For a fairly large apartment I think 250 bucks was pretty reasonable, and they washed my clothes in the awful quarter washing machines and everything. It is so clean it looks like I just moved in.

In a related note, one of the best ways to find reliable cleaning services is to call quality/expensive hotels and find out who does their cleaning. Every hotel I know of outsources their maid and cleaning services, so they know exactly who to contact.


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