Apple CRM

People use Macs for the clean user interface and software synergy. However, both are accomplished through software and formats that are proprietary and incompatible with most everything non-Mac including the web. You can imagine most enterprise software isn’t specific for the Mac. Recently, I have been looking into options to more effectively handle office tasks, and, being that we should be switching to a Mac-based practice management system soon, I have been looking into options that are native to Apple.

From what I have found there are a growing number of options available for Mac users. Here is a smattering of some cool stuff out there in the way of CRM and project management….

Elements soon to have an iPhone app, developer APIs, and is feature rich

Daylite been around for a while and looks great

Contactizer great user interface from what I can tell

Nighthawk more of a personalized option

There are also a ton of web-based solutions that I found interesting, but software plus services is really what it is all about. You need both power and flexibility. Yes, mobility has grown even more important recently, but even with mobile access it is so important to have a dedicated app that leverages the abilities of the specific phone/platform you’re using. Going with a fully web-based service is limiting in many ways.


One response to “Apple CRM

  1. Yes, there are, especially in the field of Project Management, a lot of tools that no only break the OS communication barrier, but gives a whole new meaning for the term collaboration.

    These web based tools are still far from perfect, and still missing some essential features that are found in the offline solutions.

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