Monthly Archives: October 2008

Pirate rap is brilliant

During my interview for Temple’s Orthodontic residency, I happened to meet one of the geniuses behind Captain Dan. I have never really been all that into Talk Like A Pirate Day, but I must admit pirate rap is fantastically original and entertaining. I showed Brad (producer) a bunch of tools to help distribute and broadcast their content, so hopefully we’ll see a live web concert when Speptember 19th rolls around next year. 


On Vaca

I’m in Philly having fun and interviewing for Temple’s Orthodontic Residency. Back in San Francisco on Monday.

Beware the productivity of mutants

Has anyone seen Gattaca? I saw that movie at least 8 years ago. In the one scene, Ethan Hawke takes Uma to the orchestra where there is this guy playing a piano piece which could only be played by someone with a ton of extra fingers.

My question is what does this mean for multi-touch interfaces? Will 6 fingered mutants have an upperhand, being capable of performing ungodly and unspeakable acts with a touchscreen? There is already this creation. Where will it end here, or will it become tremendously ironic for the Amish?

And the Brightkite iPhone App is Here!

I signed up for Brightkite like right away, and it was cool but way too annoying to use (constantly opening a new browser window, loading….blah blah blah). Having everything bottled up in a designated iPhone App is likely going to be much much better. Everyone should go check it out for themselves immediately.

Update: It is soooooo much easier its amazing. If people want an invite let me know.

iGoogle…Multi-Process Web Browser?

So I hear that Google is finally rolling out their canvas style pages for iGoogle today. All they have to do now is get rid of the ridiculous waste of space in the page header.

I find the iGoogle start page redesign interesting since it is looking more and more like a hub for all your web based services. With expanded gadgets from the WSJ and NYT, I don’t see much difference on the surface between what iGoogle is accomplishing and the multi-process concept behind Chrome

All my search traffic flows through Google. If they start returning search results (suggestions…the whole 9 yards) directly in iGoogle and enough outside web sites/services can be brought onboard, I doubt I would have to leave iGoogle very often, or at all (I consume most web content through Google Reader anyway).

At any rate, I am glad Google is, at the very least, finally trying to tie together all of their services in a way that makes more sense.

Food for thought: Down the road, someone should write a plugin/greasemonkey script that returns in iGoogle search results from queries I enter in the browser integrated search bar.