The real path to safer roads

All these stupid new laws about what people can and can’t do while driving are not solving anything. There are still plenty of unsafe behaviors that people can engage in while driving.

I can’t possibly imagine how the police are going to enforce anti-texting laws, and how are they are supposed to know the difference between me texting and me checking driving directions on my phone.

These dumb 20 and 50 dollar fines are irrelevant. The biggest motivator for safer driving is going to be when the insurance company revising their rates to reflect someone’s risky driving behaviors. A recurring fee has a greater impact than just the one time fee.

The police would do far better by just capturing on video certain at risk behaviors, and distributing the information to insurance companies. Why not even set up a designated site documenting risky driving on camera (some citizen journalism just not while also driving), and then let the insurance companies apply the appropriate punishment. After all, aren’t they the ones calculating the risks and impacts of certain driving behaviors. Better disclosure about driving behaviors, is a much better answer than silly reactionary laws.


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