Talk amongst yourselves

I have seen quite a few posts recently about how the Omnibar/Awesome bar and Google suggest will change SEO and the way we search. I think both are true, but I am more curious about how the Omnibar will impact Google’s business model. On traditional visits to Google’s search results pages, you have sponsored links being served out in the right column; however, when utilizing only the Omnibar for search there are no such sponsored results.

My question is how will Google adapt its placement of sponsored results if people begin to bypass the full results page altogether, and will the difference between organic and sponsored hits become less obvious as a result? I really don’t know enough about how Google serves its ads to speak intelligently about the significance of ads on their results pages versus those served elsewhere, but this would probably impact individual queries to varying degrees. The impact of the Omnibar on people’s search behavior is definitely something that I find interesting.


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