There are a ton of people crying about Lehman Brothers going under. Personally I am glad. The market needs to flush this garbage out of the system. We really don’t need the government or other idiots propping these companies up and dragging out the uncertainty. These problems didn’t just surface over the weekend. They have been strung along and downplayed for quite some time now. It is about time that things are allowed to go about their natural course.

This crap happens, and regulation is not the answer. I would say arguing in favor of increased regulation is like saying we need the “specialists” on the NYSE (for example) to maintain orderly markets. It is just more power away from you and to the planning board (what those people do can be interpreted as stealing in many contexts, but I’ll let you look it up for yourselves).


One response to “Good

  1. I can’t agree with you more. It all has to do with greed.

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