I don’t get nearly enough angry comments

So here is a post on ABORTION….

I have to say that Pro-lifers, even with all the dead fetus posters that ruin my breakfast, make the most sense. Essentially their argument hinges on the beliefs that life is at the moment of conception, that human life is more valuable than other forms of life (washing your hands does not qualify as “murdering” bacteria), and that life is not one’s to take (at least when they are arguing for the rights of an unborn child…if you want to complain about the stereotypical Pro-lifer’s views on other unrelated matters, I guess everyone is a hypocrite).

On the other hand, Pro-choicers employ stupid and hypocritical logic. Despite being interested in choices, they refuse to recognize important choices that have occurred prior to pregnancy; for instance, the choice to engage in acts that carry the risk of making a baby. I guess having a responsible discussion with that hot latin guy grinding on you from the bar is too much to ask, but in the non-sociopath view of the world choices still come with consequences. Stop moving the finish line. When you happen to get caught breaking into a store, you still go to jail even if you decide to put the TV back when the police get there; get a sense of personal responsibility. I will concede the point that if life does not exist at conception, then a decision doesn’t “officially” have to be made until the point that that life begins. Putting it off just makes you somewhat irresponsible and procrastinator, but there are worse things to be.

Above all what I find hypocritical, is that only a woman’s choice to participate in parenting (and the birth) is recognized. If you want anyone to take your argument for choice seriously, try acknowledging that men have equal privilege to choose whether they want to parent instead of forcing them to participate in parenting by paying child support. You can’t have it both ways.

Feel free to debase my claims on the grounds that I am completely lacking in first hand experience with abortion.


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