I used to think everyone with the LiveJournals and blogs were a bunch of self important assholes who loved posting updates about their life and discoveries because they enjoyed entertaining the idea of becoming some internet celebrity. Some people are like that but by and large I was wrong.

Now that I have started publishing random thoughts, opinions, ideas, and stream many of my activities online, I am starting to see what it is all about. It is about contributing to the discussion and transparency.

There are all sorts of discussion streams online, and they need to be fed by a variety of different voices. I have found the best way to develop and evolve ideas and standards is to engage and participate in discussion with as many people as possible. In the same way that globalization and trade benefits all parties beyond the sum of their parts, involving yourself in the conversation fuels the the growth of yourself and others (people also shouldn’t concern themselves about the balance of trade/discussion). Even the simple act of formulating thoughts into writing forces you to evaluate the validity and coherency of your arguments and helps you to grow.

Lifestreaming works hand in hand with discussion streams. Increased transparency helps to develop connections that spark conversations and additionally works to promote greater accountability. Publishing mediums are becoming more numerous by the day, and continue to create dialogue that is enriching creators and consumers alike.


2 responses to “Blogging

  1. That was insightful and very well-written.

  2. Scott you shouldn’t comment on your own blog with a fake name

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