Friendfeed still owns Facebook

Just like most anyone who reads Tech Blogs I have read about a bunch of Greasemonkey scripts to make Friendfeed even more fantastic. I have started using them and they are fantastic, and now I use Friendfeed as my homepage. Here is a link by link way to set it up for yourself.

Step 1: Get a Friendfeed account already

Step 2: Start using Firefox as your browser

Step 3: Add the Greasemonkey Plugin

Step 4: Install these Greasemonkey Scripts (the install button is in the top right after the jump)

Facebook on Friendfeed

Better Friendfeed (adds a bunch of useful tabs like Google Reader, etc.)

Friendfeed Read Later

Friendfeed Filters (by friends and groups)

Friendfeed Twitter (if you use it)

Note: If you have no idea what Greasemonkey is or what the scripts would even do then Wikipedia it.

Update: Facebook and Google Calendar don’t scale to the screen as well as I would like.


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