A very nice girl was recently let go from my father’s office because we thought she could better utilize her talents in other fields of work. We discussed with one of her close friends a few job opportunities which we felt suited her well, but this was not what we had in mind by finding new employment…
Drinkys Commercial

In case you can’t pick her out in the video she is the one on the right


2 responses to “Ironic

  1. I think anyone that calls themself a professional should act with professionalism and dignity at all times. Surely this has not been the case in this instance. Drawing attention to such unimportant details in anothers life speaks volumes about your own character.

  2. You are absolutely right it does speak volumes about my own character since I would hardly call degrading oneself to the level of prostitute on film an unimportant detail. I have made my share of stupid decisions and know her well enough to know a huge waste when I see it.

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